No matter how perfect your marketing campaign is, only about 2% of leads convert during their first visit to your website. Catching the attention of the other 98% requires additional effort.

Creosen takes advantage of the latest retargeting techniques to bring a big part of that 98% back to your website for another shot at conversion.

Let’s talk about what retargeting is and why it should become an integral part of your marketing campaign.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting allows your brand to remain in front of potential clients even after they leave your website. This cookie-based technology uses a JavaScript code to follow your visitors all over the web. Anonymously.

How does it work?

A small piece of code is embedded on your website. It doesn’t affect the operation of your site or users’ experience. Each visitor is tagged unobtrusively. Once they leave the website, the retargeting provider receives information about their browsing behavior. It uses this data to demonstrate your ads to these potential clients on other websites.

While retargeting is a powerful marketing tool, it doesn’t work alone. It’s part of a larger inbound marketing strategy that involves PPC (pay-per-click) ads, SEO, content marketing, and more. Retargeting brings clients back to your website but doesn’t generate new leads.

Why is Retargeting Effective?

Retargeting allows you to convert a large part of the target audience by keeping your brand visible. The majority of potential clients are initially window shoppers. If they don’t convert immediately, their attention wanders to other options. These people often end up working with your competitors.

Retargeting helps your target audience keep your offer in mind when browsing other options. Each time the ad appears in front of them, you raise brand awareness.

Benefits of Implementing Retargeting in Your Marketing Campaign

In addition to brand awareness, if you integrate the retargeting tactic into your campaign, you can enjoy the following advantages.

1. Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

Since retargeting puts your brand in front of clients and brings them back to your website, it extends the time a prospect thinks about your products. Eventually, this contributes to the increase of a customer lifetime value.

2, Higher Conversion Rates

The obvious benefit of the retargeting strategy is increasing the conversion rate. Even if the client isn’t ready to buy during the first visit to your website, retargeting gives you a chance to “catch” them during a different stage of the buyer’s journey.

3. Cost-Efficiency for the PPC Campaign

Since retargeting is focusing on the part of your target audience, which is likely to buy your products or use your services, your PPC campaign becomes more cost-effective. Prospects who see your ads have already been to your website. If they click, it means they are genuinely interested in your offer.

4. Faster Buyer’s Journey

It takes a while for some prospects to complete the buyer’s journey. By visiting your website for the first time, they demonstrate potential. When they notice your ad while browsing other websites, they could go from consideration to decision.

People don’t realize that they are being followed by code. They view the ad as a coincidence. However, it brings their thoughts back to your product and speeds up the decision-making process.

Retargeting Your Prospects with Creosen

The importance of retargeting for your marketing campaign is hard to underestimate. That’s why at Creosen, we help our clients implement this strategy when designing their websites.

If you’d like to learn more about retargeting as a tactic and other digital marketing nuances, please contact us at any convenient time. All you need to do is share your requirements and goals. Our experts will take care of the rest.