See the Power Creosen Creates on E-commerce Platforms

At Creosen, we are using the power of artificial intelligence to build user-friendly websites across Magento, Drupal Commerce or Woo Commerce platforms. E-commerce stores are imperative for small B2B and B2C organizations. These advanced technology platforms are perfect for integrating exciting digital marketing channels. Before we look at marketing, let’s look at what an e-commerce platform website can offer small businesses.

The Power of AI Behind an E-commerce Store

Found on, “How AI in Magento is revolutionizing the way we shop?” by Walls, D. (2017, August 18), you will discover the amazing ways e-commerce using AI can make your job easier once you understand it and set it up. As the author reports, once you begin using an AI-powered e-commerce platform like Magento, you will be able to “behavior patterns, emotions, performance, and barriers.” Your data will be able to quickly analyze for better decision making and marketing. You will find it easier to target the best market for your products without laborious hours of research.

When you integrate an online e-commerce development platform, such as Magento, you will have the flexibility to develop and design an extremely functional website. By using an A-I powered e-commerce platform, you will have taken a big step toward easy digital marketing.

For many people, social media can be overwhelming. That is exactly why the team at Creosen came together. We have the talent, the expertise, dedication, and most of all, the excitement to bring it all together for small business owners. Don’t stress about, but enjoy the exciting journey that our team will deliver.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Advanced technology has exploded in the area of digital marketing that is inclusive of online marketing outlets such as e-mail and social media. An informative blog found on LYFE Marketing, “Small Business Advertising: 15 Reasons Why It’s Best To Go Digital” by RAYCHALE (2018, September 10) you will understand the importance of online marketing. As the first sentence states, “around 75% of new customers now meet local businesses first online, not through TV commercials, on the radio or through other means.” The benefits, as reported in this article, are worth the setup, learning curve and testing what works best for your company.

A more cost-effective tool, you will see how you can quickly change out what you’re marketing,     how you’re stating it, and where you should be marketing.

Allows you to scale your marketing efforts.

You have more capability to compete against larger organizations.

Instant feedback to help you quickly make changes for better results.

Easier to target the right customers that have an interest in your products.

You will quickly see lost opportunities and quickly react to recapture sales.

An efficient way for ROI through nurturing your leads.

Automation allows you to time your email marketing with links to your landing pages.

Segmentation allows you to target smaller groups with the proper products from analyzed data.

Best way to grow your loyal customer base or “customer lifetime value.”

Tracking your customers’ journeys through your website will be easier, and you will have the capability to deliver interactive messaging that offers more personalization.

Automation also allows you to reach your customers at just the right time from search engines.

Easily analyze the success of a campaign.

You will have an easy way to interact with customers and capture additional information to deliver better shopping experiences.

You will secure your business for the future as more and more people go online for everything.

Now is the time to be ahead of your competition.

Easier to get more customers from referrals and reviews.

Creosen Ready to Set You Up with the Power of the Future

We have built a team of talented individuals to offer our small business customers everything they need to merge into the fast-paced, technology highway that now brings the unbelievable power of AI. We make your journey an exciting adventure that you will soon realize how easy you can grow your business far into the future.

Don’t wait until you’re left far behind by this revolutionary technology. It’s only going to get better as AI expands with more machine learning and deep learning revolutions. Call the team at Creosen to power your business with the exciting benefits using AI e-commerce and digital marketing.