Web Accessibility is all about building websites, that can access by people with disabilities.

Our Web development company will focus on creating accessible websites for visually impaired users. Nowadays percentage of the aging people using the internet has increased. So, you need to build websites to meet the needs of aged users, suffering from weak eyesight and visually impaired users.

Creosen experts make an accessible site for the visually impaired users right away.

Web accessibility is mainly important for Government websites and websites who want to increase their visitors.

Principles of Accessible Website:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provides some basic principles, which each digital product must comply with

  • Everyone should be able to perceive the content
  • Everyone should be able to manage content
  • Everyone should be able to conceptualize content

Creosen Team implements the accessibility principles very easily without impacting the overall “look and feel” of your website.

Importance of Web accessibility:

Build your audience base:

More than one billion disabled people in the world would be able to access your website with ease. Because easily accessible websites provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. So, it will help to increase audience and effectiveness.

Good for SEO:

Drupal maintains an accessible tool for all. Accessibility has a direct correlation to developing best practices for SEO. It increases the visibility of the web page.

Grow your Business:

The most obvious benefit of building accessible websites is to help businesses and organizations widen their reach.

Increase Brand Image:

Building accessible websites for all the audiences would most definitely get positive feedback and it will increase Brand Image.

Build positive Public Relations:

Building an accessible website also builds your reputation.

Web accessibility Features:

Logic Semantic:

Drupal ensures that the meaning of the content for both users and machines can understand the headers, sub headers and the overall architecture of the site.

Aural Alerts:

Aural alerts, for users who use audio features to navigate and understand a website are easy to implement using Drupal.announce().

Tabbing Manager:

The Tabbing Manager is a guide to both visually impaired and non-mouse users to access the main elements on the page in a logical order.

Accessible Forms:

Drupal forms provide the necessary feedback to users about the results of this form submission whether it is successful or not. Because of this in-line feedback, they can easily identify what error they might have made when filling a web form.

Field sets:

Drupal uses field sets for radios and checkbox in the form API. This helps to enhance the forms in Drupal. This feature is also being used in the advanced search option.

Alternative Text:

Visually impaired users won’t be able to see the images. Only solution for this problem is alternative text. It describes everything going on in the picture. So that non-visual people can understand what picture is about. This default setting can be overridden in both CKEditor and Image Editor.

The Bartik:

Bartik provides great enhancements related to accessibility.


Drupal Modules for Web Accessibility:

High Contrast:

High Contrast module allows users to switch to a high contrast version of the website using keyboard button. It allows comfortable accessibility to users with eye disorders.

Automatic Alternative text:

This module generates an alternative text for images. If user didn’t provide alternative text for images, this module will generate automatically with help of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API.

Block ARIA Landmark roles:

ARIA landmarks allow users to skip the unnecessary and switch to the main content. This module adds additional elements to the block configuration forms that allows users to assign ARIA landmark role to a block.

Text Resize:

Text Resize module helps in making the visually impaired more comfortable. It allows users easily change the font size of the text.

CK Editor Accessibility Checker Module:

This Module provides the Accessibility checker plugin in your WYSIWYG editor to check the accessibility level of content created in CK Editor and immediately provide solutions for any accessibility issues found.

These are some sample modules used to make websites that can be easily accessed by People with any kind of visual impairment.

Creosen’s Specialists provide such functionalist through the above modules and features.

If you need to get the help of professional Web Developers, Contact Us. We provide the full range of services to make your website accessible for visually impaired users.