Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the planet. Drupal has many advantages. It is a good choice for businesses looking to quickly set up a website without coding new pages from scratch.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can take the website’s success to the next level. SEO is a major factor for maximizing the number of visitors to your site. SEO is an essential part of any website. Due to Drupal’s inventive community, implementing SEO is easier. Because there are countless modules available in it.

Drupal SEO

Drupal has SEO Capabilities built in. The Drupal platform offers many modules to help increases its SEO capabilities.

Benefits of Drupal SEO Services:

Mobile Friendly website:

Drupal is the best choice for responsive web design. It is a much simpler way of designing for mobile. Drupal 8 is not only theme responsive even the admin pages can resize itself to the mobile screen size.

Drupal 8 provides optimal solution for building mobile friendly websites. Drupal 8 optimizing websites for mobile devices. Drupal 8 theme have all the responsive elements, and make it compatible with all screen sizes.

Speed and Security:

Site speed is very important because it can affect your SEO Ranking. Google will not rank slower sites compare to faster sites.

In Drupal using Image Optimization module you can optimize an image without losing quality. Drupal avoid reloading of the same content. It loaded faster from the cache using Cache Technology. Google always rewards secure website.

Drupal accessibility:

Drupal has many accessibilities features out-of-the box and the Drupal community actively contribute new functionality. Many people have visual impairments, mobility impairments and hearing impairments. Some people may have outdated mobile phones and poor internet connections. Drupal website adapted for these people also.

Accessibility also main factor in SEO. Drupal 8 has made some significant improvements around accessibility.

Here is the list of sample accessibility features in Drupal 8

  • ALT text will be generated automatically. It is also a main factor in SEO.
  • Semantic Markup is a generic HTML tags used to define elements on a page. Drupal 8 implements more semantic elements. It also helps for SEO.
  • Using Aural Alerts for users who use audio features to navigate and understand website are easy to implement using Drupal.announce().

Multi-Lingual Support:

Drupal has a built in multi lingual feature. During Drupal installation, you can select any language from the list not just English. User can change site’s default language at any moment.

English is most commonly spoken language in the world. It dominates the digital space also. Multilingual helps to improve SERP (Search Engine Results page) ranking locally across the globe. Google will not be penalized for duplicated content on translated sites. It also helps to improve conversion rate.

Drupal Modules made SEO easy:

Some top SEO Drupal Modules that improve SEO on your websites

SEO Friendly URL:

Drupal create standard non-descriptive URLs for each page. some search engine like to have keywords in the URL.

Path Auto module allows site admins to generate user friendly URL aliases for different type of content. This will automatically create meaningful URLs based on factors like date, title, category and author. User friendly URL are main factor in boosting your SEO ranking.

Highly effective Taxonomy:

Drupal has highly effective taxonomy. It is the core module, that used to establish category of the content on the website being built with the CMS. Using keyword terms, user can create content and tag individual content. Compare to other CMS, Drupal has flexible and user-friendly Taxonomy.

Page Title:

Page title are immensely vital for SEO ranking. Page Title only describe the what page is about and how it is relevant to searchers query. Page title help with social sharing and site’s improvement in search engine results.


Easy revision options:

Google content analysis algorithm rank websites on the basis of fresh content. In Drupal users can revise the content and add new keywords in site easily.

Site Structure:

The Structure of the website is dependent on its XML Sitemap. This module creates an XML sitemap of your site. It can submit to search engine and other social sites.

Google search engine bots can easily crawl through directories of sitemap. Sitemap helps in boosting SEO Ranking. Without an XML Sitemap, Google bots can crawl site, but larger and complex sites become confused and chances to missed the pages to index in search engine.

Global Redirect:

While we create new URLs, the old URLs still exist and the search engine s treat this as duplicate content. The Global Redirect module helps to rectify this problem. This module helps to redirect the old URL to the new URL incorporating 301 redirects.

Meta tag Module:

Meta tag module is helps to generate meta data based on content of the page. Meta tags helps to enhance the visibility and ranking on the search engine results.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics module is helps to install google analytics. Google Analytics helps in tracking general behaviour of user’s interaction with the landing pages. It provides visitors insights includes demographics, locations, keywords, device information and lot more.

These are some of the sample modules to prove SEO is easier in Drupal. These Modules can make your website SEO friendly. Many Drupal Website rank very high in Google and other search engines. It is an excellent marketing platform for all type of organisation including non-profits, government agencies and Enterprise level business.

Drupal heavily optimized for marketing professionals that enhances SEO and drive traffic and engagement.