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The Indiana State University Scott College of Business provides an internationally-accredited professional education to qualified students at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. Their primary focus is to provide an experiential learning environment that prepares students to take leadership roles in both public and private organizations. In tandem with this commitment, the College supports, encourages, and produces applied and educational research, development of relationships with the business community, and service to the region and the professions.


To prepare, promote, and advance educational and human service professionals for a diverse and ever-changing world. The Bayh College of Education offers programs that lead to degrees and licensures at all levels. They have programs for Counseling, Educational Leadership, Communication Disorders, Educational Psychology, Elementary and Secondary Education degrees as well. Students may choose either Undergraduate program or Graduate program in any of the areas the college is offering.


The College of Technology at Indiana State University is nationally recognized for providing a state-of-the-art learning environment in a wide spectrum of applied technology fields. Its graduates are valued for their strong foundation of practical and theoretical knowledge enabling them to be immediately effective in managerial or technological positions in relevant businesses and industry.


College of Health and Human Services of Indiana State University creates engaging learning environments for students, professionals and communities that facilitate the optimal delivery of health and social wellness programs. It conducts socially relevant research that is responsive to community needs and is easily implemented for individuals, families and neighborhoods. They reach out to individuals across the lifespan, and in communities near and far, to create conditions supporting a wonderful quality of life.


The Indiana State University Foundation is the designated receiver and repository of gifts to Indiana State University. Since its establishment in 1928, the purpose of the Foundation has been to promote the welfare of the ISU community. It serves as the fundraising arm of the University, manages the University’s endowment, engages in resource development initiatives, and oversees alumni relations and constituent development programs that benefit the institution.

Working with the Office of Communications and Marketing of Indiana State University to maintain, support and enhance their below College Websites that are built with Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

Modules Update:

Unique Needs:

The client wanted to update the Drupal core and contributed module of all websites.

Our Solution:

Our team made a local copy of all websites from the hosting server. We updated the core and contributed modules in our local environment and ran the manual testing to ensure the stability of the websites. The website was thoroughly tested to find out if there is any regression. Module upgrading was done without affecting any custom module functionality throughout all sub sites. Changes were updated in the Development Environment for the client to review.

Theme Redesign:

Unique Needs:

The client wanted to redesign the Drupal themes for all websites based on the new concept which was provide by the client in PSD Format.


We rebuilt the ISU College Sub Site theme without affecting existing the Drupal setup that is already in live. Design was given by the client as PSD Format, we converted the PSD in to HTML mockup which is fully responsive by using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Custom theme was rebuilt based on the Mothership Theme. We used the preprocessor hook, custom modules based on Beans Block, custom TPL files, custom template files and hook menu to build the effective and responsive theme as per the Drupal standards. Panels layouts design has been updated by providing custom Template (theme hook) suggestions to override the original template files. New Drupal theme was updated in the Development Environment for the client to review the new design layout.

User Section Assignment Defaults:

Unique Needs:

Client wanted to fix the permission issue in the website, while adding a new user and assigning sections. “All of Main Menu” checkbox defaults to selected and will not save as un-checked after updating the permission for the new user.

Our Solution:

Workbench module holds the access permission for the new user, we fixed the issue and updated in the development environment. Upon approval by the client after reviewing the fix provided by us, our team has updated the changes in the live version of the websites.