Moodle: Connecting the World to Teach and Learn

It is an exciting time for educators and students all around the world. Moodle, “the world’s open source learning platform,” is bringing educators and students together from every corner of the world. As its mission states, Moodle is “empowering educators to improve our world.”

Moodle’s Beginnings Goes Back in Time to the Mind of a Child

From the mind of a child, a vision turned into greatness. In a desolate location of the Australian desert, one young boy learned from “materials delivered by aeroplanes.” Years later in “1999,” Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder & CEO, uses his childhood experience to begin “creating Moodle for his Ph.D. research.”

Just a few years later in “2002,” Moodle is released to the world as Moodle version 1.0. It only took months before the open-source, learning platform became known and used throughout the world. As popularity continues to grow, Moodle has become highly recognized and respected.

As of 2017, Moodle now has over “100 million registered users.” Only fifteen years after its inception, Moodle “announces investment partnership with Education for The Many.” With this partnership, this worldwide, education platform is propelling itself to achieve its “five key growth projects: improving Moodle core, Learn Moodle curriculum, MoodleNet, Moodle Foundation (and opening an office in Barcelona) and expanding their Services & Partnership program.”

Learning to Learn Using Moodle

Simply put, wherever you are, with a phone, iPad or computer, you can become the most educated person you would like to be. Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips with Moodle’s platform. Educators and students, from across the globe, have access to the world’s most-used Learning Management System (LMS).

Teachers Can Create and Teach with Ease

Through Moodle, teachers can create online classrooms. These classrooms have the tools to design lessons and projects. Whatever courses that they teach, they can share them around the world for anyone to participate and learn. Because Moodle works in “over 100 hundred languages,” teachers do not have to worry about translating their lessons.

Educators can easily communicate with their students through Moodle’s messaging feature. Forums can be set up for classroom collaboration with all the students. Teachers can share media news, give quizzes, and offer additional instruction and guidance.

Students: No Matter How Old, Everyone Has an Education Platform at Their Fingertips

Moodle is used all over the world, in every country, from Kindergarten to higher institutions. Moodle is not just for learning institutions, but it is also now used in organizational, training programs.

The Creosen Team: Always Learning to Share and Integrate Exciting Technologies

When you think about the saying, “the sky is the limit,” you can almost imagine the future of Moodle reaching far beyond the boundaries of our the world, we call Earth. The future is limitless for educators and students alike.

Technology is bringing exciting changes to our world. For some, it can be overwhelming. It is this understanding that not everyone has the knowledge, or the time, to keep up with technology inspired the founders of Creosen.

The talent we have combined at Creosen offers small as well as medium businesses, universities, colleges, educational institutions, and nonprofits to enjoy today’s advanced technology to continue to improve their presence and compete on our global playing field. We do this by offering exciting website enhancements and advanced backend features or technical integrations.

We have made it our mission to know it, share it, and assist businesses to implement advanced features from today’s and tomorrow’s technologies. With the continuing hi-tech advancements, there are no limits to who your business may attract and influence. Educating businesses to find success through exciting technology is what the team at Creosen is here to do. For us, it is what we do best, and we love creating, teaching, and sharing our knowledge.